Our Term Of Service (TOS)

Our Web hosting services come with super fast SSD storage, monthly bandwidth allocations, domain management registration/transfer options, Email Managers, dns management system, multi-website hosting options, file manager, backup management system as well as free bonuses, among them a one-click scripts installer and a web site building tool. All accounts comes with cPanel so you can easily manage everything from the nicely designed user interface. A 24x7x365 customer support, 16 hours live chat support, sales and billing support over phone is also available as well.

1.0 Privacy Policy

1.1 This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information and personal data to anyone. We respect and protect your privacy.

2.0 Money back guarantee & refund policy

2.1 Refunds: If client has retained the services for one year and has pre-paid IT Nut Hosting for such services, refunds will be issued for any unused full month of the services, upon client’s request. Therefore, if client’s account is cancelled at any point during the one-year term, client will be entitled to a refund for the months remaining, after notice given by the 25th day of the preceding month.

2.2 In some products we show 30 days money back guarantee. This refund policy only works for a 30 days trial period. If you feel that our product or service has not enough value like we promised at our website, we will issue you full refund. But you have to show proper evidence to prove your complain. And you must request for the refund in trial period. No refund will be issued after 30 days. No vps, dedicated server, ssl, domain and add one products cover the 30 days money back guarantee policy even if you only used it for 1 hour or you never used it.

2.3 There are absolutely no refunds for vps, dedicated server, ssl, domain and add one products – even if the service has only been used for an hour after ordering, we will not be able to issue a refund.

2.4 Custom software installations fees, setup fees and fees for paid control panels and software licenses are not refundable.

3.0 Hacking / DDoS / Interference

3.1 We monitor the traffic flow on our network. If our systems detect suspicious traffic, we will review it manually. We do not allow DDoS, hacking or any other interference to our or remote systems to be caused as a result of your actions. Any such event will result in immediate suspension of the service.

4.0 Account Suspension / Termination

4.1 Any DMCA content, hacking, copyrighted content,  adult content and warez, email marketing from shared/reseller hosting account is not allowed. Any kind of suspicious activity can cause account suspension without any notice.

4.2 Any kind of payment due for 7 days will cause account suspension. Any account suspended will be reactivated upon paying the due bills within 30 days of suspension.

4.3 If you don’t pay your bills within 30 days of suspension your account will be terminated permanently. But you still for a full backup of your account from us this will apply $5 backup charge. We don’t supply any backup after 30 days of your account termination.

5.0 Shared Hosting Accounts

5.1 We only allow 200,000 inodes per cPanel account, because that is where we see optimal server performance. We do understand that not all of our customers can reduce their file count that far; for this reason this is a “Soft limit” meaning that while the limit is reached, you will still be able to upload files. Once the account exceeds 200,000 files then it will be in violation of our Terms of Service and can result in possible suspension. If you need to increased inode open support ticket and increased inodes 100,000 it’s only cost is 5$ per month.

6.0 Server Uptime Guarantee

6.1 IT Nut Hosting guarantees 99% service (http, ftp, pop, imap, smtp) uptime on all hosting plans. Should we fail to deliver this for any given calendar month, your account will be refunded a pro-rated amount for the duration of excessive downtime.

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